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A book coming - Big News from me

Posted on 21 March 2019

I am writing a book! And it will be published in the autumn. It is called The Survivor’s Guide to Sexual Harassment and Assault. I hope that it will help anyone who has suffered mental trauma and pain following unwanted sexual approaches.

It is a practical book, designed to be read by anyone who needs help here. Based on my own experiences of supporting and bringing back to health the many clients who visit me in my Harley Street and Henley cognitive hypnotherapy clinics, it will be easy to read and packed with information.

It is a book based on success. I see people who have lived with the after-effects of an unwanted sexual encounter and have overcome the pain and got their lives back on course.

I want to thank all those clients. Their experience and bravery, their willingness to open up, about such issues as sexual harassment at work, and their determination to change things is a daily inspiration to me.

I do this every day. And I know what works.

In the book, I talk about our individual belief systems and how they affect us as unique individuals. I then look at how these belief systems can be altered and shifted to something which is healthier and more positive for each individual. We all have the ability to cope with and overcome traumatic experiences. But for many of us this does require specialist targeted help of the sort I specialise in.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

When I speak to my clients, I often find they have come to me after searching for Hypnotherapy in Harley Street, finding my website and liking what I offer. What I do is specially targeted at individual belief systems and uses modern techniques. Many people who have been through sexual attack, suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And getting rid of PTSD needs an approach which works with your belief systems and uses modern techniques such as Eye Movement Integration. This is what I do and I detail this in the book.

When I meet people with post-traumatic stress following sexual harassment, I see that most are not aware of how effective these sorts of treatments can be. Many have struggled for years and yet after a few sessions with me they are much better. Yet, with these treatments, most people feel better within a few sessions, sometimes even after one session.


I want to get this message out and am using my book to do it. I will detail some of the treatments and techniques which I use in my cognitive hypnotherapy clinics in Harley Street and Henley on Thames. And I will explain some ways you can help yourself back to mental peace.

In the run up to the publication of my book I am going to be offering some sneak peeks on this blog. So, keep an eye out for my BOOK SPECIAL blog posts which will tell you more. I will be posting every month between now and September.

And if you want help just contact me - http://www.fionanicolson.com

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