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Survivor of Abuse? How Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Eye Movement Integration can work to free survivors of the impact of the abuse.

Posted on 25 April 2016

There was an excellent BBC 2 documentary on 11th April 2016, Abused - The Untold Story, watched by 2 million viewers about the victims of Jimmy Savile and Operation Yewtree, which highlighted yet again the devastating impact that abuse can have on an individual, not just from a traumatic point of view but also on the beliefs that they hold about themselves.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and especially Eye Movement Integration in my clinics in Harley Street, London and Henley on Thames, I work extensively with trauma and the survivors of abuse to comparatively quickly change how they feel about the abuse they have experienced and the lasting impact it has on their lives.

I use Eye Movement Integration for the actual memories of the trauma and a range of other proven therapeutic techniques to work to change the clients’ belief system about themselves and the world they live in. 

Recent cases include a client who was abused as a one off by her grandfather at the age of 9, a client whose negative belief system about herself stems directly from having a mother who was an alcoholic and prostitute, a male client who was raped by his father at the age of 4, a client who was abused by her psychopathic father and he continues to send her sexually provocative emails, a transgender client who was abused as a child ... just a few examples of the kind of clients that can experience huge change through the use of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Eye Movement Integration.

Helping clients change their belief systems about themselves can mean that their self hatred diminishes and for the first time in their lives, they start to actually have confidence and like themselves, realising that they are good enough and that in general terms the world is a safe place.  Imagine the positive impact that can make on someone's life when they start to realise their own self worth.

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