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Good things going on. Strong voices speak out about birth trauma

Posted on 07 September 2017

I thought it would be a good time to give a quick round up of developments around post natal PTSD.

The Birth Trauma Association produces some excellent leaflets and articles which you can download from their site. It is also fantastic to realise see how many voices are now being raised to get the issue of birth trauma out into the open.

Increasing numbers of women are taking to the web to tell their stories. Here is one example. Another new voice is the blog everymumshouldknow. This mother’s story is very familiar to me because of my work with birth trauma. The initial birth experience of feeling ignored and out of control, the feeling that to speak out will frighten other expectant mothers, misdiagnosis of the condition by the medical profession . . . these are all so familiar.

As I hear these stories, and the stories from my clients in my hypnotherapy for post-natal PTSD clinics, I am struck by common themes. The stories these women tell differ in many respects, some had medical emergencies, and others had what could be described as ‘normal’ births. But they nearly all share one feature though, a lack of the information they wanted and needed and a feeling of being out of control, of having things done to them which they did not ask for and did not understand. There is a growing presence about birth trauma on Twitter as well, it is not all Donald Trump out there.

Eye movement techniques work for Post natal PTSD

There is a lot to be pleased about out there as the silence is broken. This can also be a tremendous help in breaking down the feelings of isolation and guilt. But for many the experience of trauma needs a targeted intervention. I noticed in my reading, many women are reporting that eye movement techniques have worked for them. These techniques are relatively new, but they have already built up a great track record in dealing with all sorts of trauma, including birth trauma. I offer a specific type of eye movement technique in my clinics in Harley Street and Henley. If you would like to know more about how they work, and if they would work for you then give me a call.

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