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Anger Management, How Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with Anger issues

Posted on 20 October 2015

Even though Anger is a natural emotion that can actually help us deal with threats and challenges in our lives, anger can also be massively destructive.

Feelings of anger can sometimes be a suitable response to a specific trigger or situation but when those feelings of anger become inappropriate and excessive to the circumstances, they need to be addressed.  Inappropriately angry responses can impact negatively both on personal and also work relationships. 

Trying to suppress anger can be counterproductive and lead to feelings of resentment and helplessness.  It is fundamental in the management of anger to clearly identify and positively change the actual root causes of the anger rather than teaching someone to try and control or manage it. 

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy at my clinics in Henley on Thames and Harley Street, London I utilise a  range of proven techniques to pinpoint and work with the root causes of the anger so it is experienced differently.   Many clients no longer feel any anger in the situations where previously they experienced high and out of control levels.  Clients tell me that they start to feel more relaxed, calm and in control in many areas of their lives.

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