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Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy To Help Students With Anxiety

Posted on 06 December 2016

The number of students experiencing anxiety is on the increase.  Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to change the belief system that is creating the anxiety means that students can benefit more from their time at University and start to reach their potential both at University and beyond.

At my clinics in Harley Street, London and Henley on Thames I work with many students using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help free them from the anxiety that is holding them back.

It is becoming increasing common for some students to experience high and debilitating levels of anxiety.  For many there is a belief system going on such as 'I am not good enough', 'I cannot fail', 'I cannot let everyone down', 'I have to be the best or successful' etc etc.

When these beliefs are extremely high or strong it can precipitate an anxious state as the individual student 'filters' their university life through these beliefs.  Imagine trying to study for exams and tutorials when unconsciously you believe that you are actually not good enough to be there or that you absolutely have to be top of the class.  No wonder many students suffer from anxiety. 

The unconscious (still programmed from cave man days) thinks that they are in some sort of danger and this precipitates a state of anxiety (an anxious state is actually one when we are in high alert looking for danger - it is a survival mechanism to keep us safe)

By using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to change the negative belief system this in turn changes the filter through which we interpret our world.  So if we change the belief to one that is 'I just have to do my best' or 'I am just as capable as everyone else here', imagine the difference that can make to the anxious student and in turn their enjoyment and experience of University. 

By taking the pressure off or reducing it to a level that is motivational, it can maximise both a student’s enjoyment of university and also their chances of actually reaching their potential both at university and beyond.


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