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Do you feel a need or desire to cross-dress?  Are you the wife or partner struggling to understand cross-dressing?

It is estimated that up to 8% of the male population will experience cross dressing at some point in their life ... does that surprise you?  The reasons why men cross-dress is as diverse as the men themselves but the consequences of cross-dressing on family, friends and self are often difficult to understand and accept.  Some will often go no further than wearing women's lingerie whilst others will fully dress attempting to 'pass' as female.

It is also interesting to note that many cross-dressers experience feelings of guilt with over 75% 'purging' their wardrobes, only to repurchase them when the urge to dress becomes too great.  However many cross-dressers can testify to the positive effect of dressing on their ability to deal with the stresses of home, personal relationships and work.

I have worked with many cross-dressers to help them feel more comfortable with themselves and their need to cross-dress.   This change in how they feel about and see things differently can impact on all areas of their lives including their relationships with others as well as their relationship with themselves and their cross dressing.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enable you to experience real change.  You can feel differently both about yourself and also the different aspects of your life.  It is easier and quicker than you might imagine and my individual approach creates lasting and profound effects.

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