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Why is Cognitive Hypnotherapy so effective for issues ranging from Anxiety and Trauma through to Eating Disorders and Lack of Confidence

Posted on 08 March 2016

I am often asked why Cognitive Hypnotherapy is so effective.  I believe that it is because I use a range of proven techniques including hypnosis at my clinics in Harley Street London and Henley on Thames.  I explain to clients that I am trained at master level in Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is actually a really complicated name for a very useful basket of therapeutic tools. 

I am also experienced in using EMI (Eye Movement Integration), a specialist trauma technique which I use with 'everyday' clients as well as those who have gone through high levels of trauma and are exhibiting full or partial Post Traumatic Stress.  I also use Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping (EFT).  

Every clients problem pattern or array of issues is different and unique to them.  Because I use a range of techniques, I can adapt my approach to the requirements of each and every client utilising a blend of different techniques for different clients at different times thus ensuring that client therapy is specifically tailor to a client's individual needs. 

It is this tailored and flexible therapeutic approach that contributes greatly to the strong effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and ensures that I can achieve a high level of therapeutic success with clients.

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