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Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Eye Movement Integration Treatment For Survivors Of Abuse

Posted on 10 October 2016

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help survivors of abuse be free not just from the impact of the trauma but also the negative beliefs they have developed about themselves because of the experience.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the impact of child abuse can be devastating for survivors of abuse both throughout their childhood and continuing into adult years.   I work extensively in my clinics in Harley Street and Henley on Thames with the survivors of abuse. 

I work not only to clear the impact and symptoms of the trauma such as anger, anxiety, flashbacks and hypervigilance abut also working with clients to help them change the negative belief systems they have developed about themselves and their world as a result of the abuse.

I am trained and professionally qualified in a range of cutting edge treatments including EMI (Eye Movement Integration) that can successfully treat trauma and PTSD. Eye Movement Integration is a powerful psychological method for treating extreme emotional difficulties and for many clients it provides much more rapid relief from emotional distress than conventional talking therapies. 

‘My life changed quite considerably after I met Fiona.  I had experienced some devastating things in my youth and how I felt about these things continued to affect what I was doing in my adult life. At times this wasn’t helpful and I felt held back and not quite myself."

"Fiona is incredibly warm and reassuring at the same time as professional, this made me feel safe to explore the things from my past. She seamlessly guided me through different techniques and processes that have left me feeling relieved, hugely optimistic and excited about my future. I can’t thank Fiona enough.’

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