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So why is it so fascinating working with Business Leaders

Posted on 24 March 2016

Firstly, because they are an interesting almost contradictory lot, the things that drive them to be successful can also be the things that hold them back from fulfilling their full potential.  And secondly, because I worked at a senior level in the corporate world for many years it is particularly fascinating to now be able to understand a CEOs motivation from a completely different perspective and to be able to work with them effectively to facilitate the necessary and desired changes.

We know from research and professional experiences that the core beliefs an individual develops both about themselves personally and their world can evolve from the conclusions they come to during childhood and later.  These conclusions are in part drawn from the actual or inferred opinions and actions of others. 

Circumstances and trauma can also play a pivotal part in this development of core beliefs.  Therefore in its most simplistic form, if an individual, through their life experiences, concludes that they are not good enough, worthwhile or loveable for example, then this can manifest in a multiplicity of beliefs and behaviours such as excessive responsibility of others and fear of failure through to feeling judged by others and a worry about getting things wrong. 

Fear of failure is a common example when it comes to Business Leaders, although the collective reasons for the individuals belief is unique.  I ask clients to calibrate their feelings and beliefs using Subjective Units of Distress.   I explain to clients that if a fear of failure is at a high level, say 8/10, 9/10 or even 10/10, then it can be it can be completely paralysing, the fear of failing is so great that it can inhibit or prevent a business leader from progressing and making the necessary decisions for the business. 

I then explain that we are not trying to get rid of these beliefs or feelings completely as a low level of fear can be highly useful or motivating.  I ask the client to define what level of fear of failure would be appropriate for them to be able to harness it and utilise it as a positive force for themselves and their role within the company. 

When we work with these fears to reduce them to a low level that is right for that individual they can become motivating, freeing the Business Leaders to reach their own personal and professional potential and in turn be able to drive the business in the required way.

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