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Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses very light states of trance, similar to day dreams, so change can take place more quickly than using a talking-based therapy. Most clients need only three or four sessions whereas others may require a few more.

I charge per session rather than by the hour and the first session is usually about 75 minutes as I want to fully understand the issues you would like to change as well as work in that session. Subsequent sessions are usually up to about 60 minutes.  

I will record a download for you to listen to each night, as this accelerates and deepens the change that you are looking for.

You need to feel you can trust me to help you, so I offer a 15-minute free chat on the phone to potential new clients to ensure you’re comfortable and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me to arrange a time to speak or call me on 07920 054292.

My charges are:

  • £155 per session     Henley on Thames

         General Clinic  (Monday & Wednesday PMs)


  • £195 per session    London

          London Specialist Therapy Clinic

          32 Devonshire Place, London  W1G 6JL

          (Tuesday & Thursday AMs)

Cancellations   Please do give me a minimum of 24 hours notice of any cancellations - thank you!  I have to charge the session fee for cancellations made under 24 hours notice.

Call me on
07920 054292
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You need to feel confident that you can trust me to help you, so I offer a free 15-minute chat on the phone to potential new clients so you can ask me any questions and ensure you’re comfortable.

You can call me on 07920 054292 or send me a text if that is easier and I will call you back. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s easier than you imagine; my individual approach creates lasting effects.

Call 07920 054292 for a confidential discussion or email me through the contact box above.