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High Function not High Function Anxiety

Posted on 25 August 2017

We probably all have a picture in our heads of what anxiety looks like. It might be cowering in the corner at a party, or not daring to go into a job interview or to get on a plane. Or perhaps our thoughts turn to how we might personally manage anxiety, maybe having a sneaky drink before going to a party to try and cope, or not being able to sleep without a sleeping pill might spring to mind.

From my experience in my anxiety hypnotherapy clinics, I can confirm that these stereotypes are very common . . . and if you are suffering from anxiety, come and see me, I can help you to feel very differently in just a few sessions.

There is, however a different presentation of anxiety, and that is the one you wouldn’t notice. That person next to you, who you may think is super confident or happy go lucky could actually be suffering from the most disabling anxiety. This is often referred to as ‘high functioning’ anxiety.

Nicky Lidbetter of Anxiety UKThe magazine Cosmopolitan covered the issue this month and spoke to the head of Anxiety UK, Nicky Lidbetter. She summed it up perfectly, “For those who experience anxiety but who continue to function at a high level, it can often be even more difficult for them to reach out for help and to admit that they need support . . .It is therefore quite possible that high functioning anxiety may often go undiagnosed or treated."

My experience is that people with high functioning anxiety often keep going until a real crisis hits them. This can be a disabling fear of something they know they must do, or the recognition that one of their coping mechanisms is harming them, many of my clients want to drink less or begin to come off prescription medication.’

So what causes anxiety?

Whatever the reason people decide to try hypnotherapy for anxiety, my starting point will usually involve working to pinpoint the underlying reasons for the anxiety. I find that this is necessary to find a lasting solution to the problem. There is a common view in the world of anxiety therapy that the condition can be managed but not cured. I’m not so sure about that, I like to be more ambitious.

My clients enjoy freedom from anxiety permanently after seeing me. I do believe this is because of the approach I take. I can help you manage symptoms, but we can achieve much more than this. Often anxiety is caused by an underlying thought pattern that you are not good enough for example.

With high functioning anxiety, this feeling can be a driver to make a success of life, but however successful you become that feeling never goes away. Yet these thought patterns can be changed, and can be changed relatively quickly. I use modern targeted techniques which can help you change the way you process what the world throws at you.

If you would like to know more phone me at my anxiety hypnotherapy clinics in Harley Street or Henley on Thames for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

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