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Effective help using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for lack of confidence or low self worth

Posted on 10 July 2015

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy at clinics in Harley Street, London and in Henley on Thames, I work successfully with a lack of confidence using a range of proven techniques to gently but clearly identify and respond to the actual root causes of issue rather than just generically treating symptoms.

A lack of confidence or self worth can impact on all areas of someone's life, holding them back from doing what they want to do and from achieving what they are actually capable of.   Without sounding too cheesy, one of the most important relationships we can have, is the relationship we have with ourselves.  When we like the person we are, respect ourselves and consider ourselves to be good enough and worthwhile then most other things fall into place.   

In effect, the relationship we have with ourselves can be the very cornerstone of how we live our lives and the choices we make.   When that self relationship is not secure or is out of balance in some way, it can often manifest in a lack of confidence or self worth which can impact on most areas of someone's life from relationships through to choice of career. 

A lack of confidence can hold an individual back from even attempting to do the many things they would like to do.   Sufferers generally do not expect to be successful, often put themselves down and tend to ignore compliments and any positive feedback. 

I work extensively with clients who suffer from a lack of confidence to free them from the beliefs about themselves that are creating this.  Increased confidence helps individuals achieve what they want to achieve in their lives. 

Clients comment that they new found confidence allows them to lead their lives differently, making different choices and enjoying different outcomes.

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