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Men's Health

How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help with Men's Health?

We have all heard about the mind and body connection and how our mental state can impact hugely on our health and wellbeing. This is also true when it comes to health for men. There are many physical conditions which are influenced by our mental state.

  • Physical issues such as prostatitis and many other urological problems can be greatly exacerbated by emotional stress and anxiety
  • Chronic pelvic pain can be worsened by the pressure we either put on ourselves or feel from others, both in our personal and professional lives
  • PTSD and trauma can lead to an array of issues including loss of libido
  • In fact most physical conditions are further impacted by our mental state and what we believe about ourselves.

I have worked successfully with the above conditions and many more. Because my tailored approach uses a range of proven techniques to gently but clearly identify and respond to the actual root causes of your issues, rather than just generically treating your symptoms, this means that we can work to help free you from the issues that are impacting your wellbeing.

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Client Review

Fiona has started my journey to overcome a personal issue driven by anxiety, something I've lived with since a teenager. Over the years I've used a combination of techniques to try and overcome this, however they were coping mechanisms, Fiona helps you identify root cause and assists with a fix.

Don't stick a band aid over the issue, treat the underlying cause.