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Autumn means change

Posted on 14 September 2017

The wind sharpens, the trees turn colour and there is a buzz in the air as children return to school. Their older siblings are already preparing for university, some for the first time. Parents are gearing themselves up to living without their children, at least for the university term and looking at a new and different world for themselves.

Autumn is all about change. This can feel exhilarating and somehow cleansing. A new start, a new beginning. It can also be frightening. Change is often unsettling, even when we desire it. We never know what is around the corner and it may not be all we expect.

As an anxiety hypnotherapist in Central London, I see many different people and help them with many different problems. So much difference, but one thing is the same. The one thread which runs through all my work is facilitating change for the people I work with and supporting them through that change.

An uncertain world

Often it can feel that I am swimming against a huge tide.  One Harley Street Hypnotherapist against a huge surge of uncertainty and fears and anxiety, especially for young people.

These are not just my thoughts. This report by the children’s society says that 17-year-olds are unhappy and worried about things such as crime, family relationships and their future prospects. An uncertain world does not make for security and happiness. This is also reflected in the latest figures on the use of NHS services. A quarter of a million children are receiving mental health support from the NHS.

What do I do when faced with some of the people behind these figures? If I had to sum it up, I think it would be building resilience.

Mental resilience is like physical resilience

Just as with physical strength, it all starts with the core. A strong physical core enables you to better cope with physical challenges. A strong mental core and belief system about yourself will help you cope with uncertainty and risk.

If you go to a physical trainer to strengthen your core, you will be given a series of exercises to build those muscles. If you come to see me I will help you to facilitate the change that gives you mental strength and resilience.

Whether you are a fresher who is anxious about your new life, a mother feeling uncomfortable as her child moves away, or anyone who knows they could be living a happier, healthier life then see me.

At times of change, the more resilient you are the better you will face what life brings. You may even begin to enjoy those challenges.

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