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Post-natal PTSD affect one in 11 new mothers - lets change that

Posted on 25 July 2017

Much of my working time is spent helping women (and sometimes their partners) who are suffering from post-natal PTSD. They nearly all feel very isolated and have often found that medical services and other experts were at a loss when it came to helping them feel differently about their experience.

This is very worrying, even more so as we are coming to realise how common post-natal PTSD is.

In an excellent article, the US news site Today reports on the issue.

It quotes the charity  Post Partum International who say nine percent, that is one in eleven, women experience post-natal post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Interestingly, latest research shows that many women who have had normal births with good outcomes still suffer. Sharon Dekel, a Harvard researcher into PTSD is looking into why this happens. Research is still at an early stage but there is some evidence that medical intervention plays a role. So much so that the American College of Gynaecologists has issued guidelines to limit medical interventions for low risk birth.

Sharon Dekel has also found that the mother’s subjective feelings about birth experience are important. I would echo that very strongly from my own work. Often, I find that women’s underlying beliefs and previous experiences can shape how they process the experience of birth.

In my clinics, I use tried and tested techniques which help clear existing trauma, and I also address the whole mindset and belief system of my client. My aim is that we work together to ensure the problem does not arise again. Permanent solutions are possible.

This approach is very successful and can work in a relatively short time – four or five sessions is often enough.

I am on a mission to get this problem more widely recognised, so that more of the vast number of women who are going through a terrible emotional time are helped. The period of bringing home a new baby should be one of the happiest in life. I am determined that it should not be marred and spoiled by the intrusive feelings and negative emotions PTSD brings.

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