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Raised Awareness Of Sexual Harassment In The Media

Posted on 17 January 2018

A big part of my work is helping people overcome the effects of sexual harassment, so I try to keep up with what is going on in the news. This article in The Guardian caught my eye. It details some very sad cases of women who have been sexually harassed at work. What struck me was how the women were not believed at first and often ended up having to leave the job rather than the abuser being forced to leave. The women do not say when the incidents happened but it sounds as if they were recent. So, we are not looking back to some previous dark age, this is still going on. Terrible!

It disappoints me as I see the results of women not being believed and being punished after they have been sexually harassed. It is no surprise that for a lot of people who have been through harassment end up blaming themselves in some way. If they have been disbelieved, belittled and then forced out of their job it is not surprising that they internalise the experience and end up feeling isolated and worthless.

Hopefully, the changes recently with so many well-known people speaking out will help. This has been swept under the carpet for long enough and the psychological harm is widespread.

I am now writing a book to help anyone who has suffered abuse and harassment. I will be going into detail about the sort of help which is available to overcome the harm which is caused. I know from the success stories in my own clinics that there is a way back. We are beginning to change things, so if you have been affected don’t suffer in silence any more. 

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