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Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you STOP smoking in just one session because it addresses all the key elements of an addiction to cigarettes

Posted on 05 December 2014

What new year's resolutions are you going to make for 2015??   If you have been thinking about giving up smoking, it might help to know that

‘Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to give up smoking’ New Scientist Magazine

Imagine knowing that you might be able to become an ex or non-smoker. Do you want to give up smoking but unsure how to do it by yourself? Did you manage to give up for months/years, only to start again? It may help to know that addiction to cigarettes is made up of several key elements.

1.     A physical reward (in the brain) each time you smoke a cigarette

2.     Emotional connections with cigarettes (smoking helps me to fit in!)

3.     Specific triggers that you associate with having a cigarette (can be in the car, out with friends, having a glass of wine, when you are sad or happy, on the phone, when you are stressed – everyone has different triggers)

4.     What you believe about cigarettes (my life will be boring without them, I will be OK as Granny smoked until she was 99, cigarettes help me in some way)

Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy is different and highly effective in helping you to STOP smoking in just one session is because it works to address each of these elements that make up your addiction to cigarettes. Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses cutting edge cognitive techniques as well as hypnotherapy to positively change all the different elements of your addiction to cigarettes, helping to free you from your addiction, allowing you to move towards how you want to be without the smoking and the cigarettes. You might want to benefit from improved health or it might be the financial side of things that makes you want to stop, or you might hate the smell of smoke on your clothes – everyone is different in their reasons for wanting to STOP smoking. So this year, give yourself the best chance to achieve the life you want and STOP smoking in 2015.

Author: Fiona Nicolson is a practising and professionally qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and a member of the CNHC. She is co-publisher and author of The Hypnotherapy Handbook, a handbook for new practitioners and students of hypnotherapy and a published author on the topics of anxiety and trauma. Fiona is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the National Council for Hypnotherapy. 

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